Behringer faces flak over its Swing MIDI keyboard mirroring the Arturia Keystep

Behringer has faced significant backlash for its latest MIDI keyboard controller; online critics have alleged that the Behringer Swing – announced yesterday (22 November) – is a clone of Arturia’s Keystep.

The 32-key controller offers the same two pitch and modulation touch-strips, onboard arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer. Not only are the Swing’s buttons shaped similarly to the Keystep’s – the majority of them are even labelled the same.

Arturia Keystep vs Behringer Swing
Above: Behringer Swing, Below: Arturia Keystep / Images: Behringer, Arturia

Music gear news outlets, forum users and even Behringer’s own followers on Facebook have criticised the Swing.

“How is this new?” one Facebook user commented. “At the very least you could have made it look a little less like a Keystep?”

“That’s really low,” wrote a user from the Gearslutz forum, adding: “They even cloned the crappy sync mode dip switch selector.”

Synth Anatomy and Gear News have called the Swing a “blatant 1-to-1 copy” of the Arturia Keystep. The latter opined “[launching a copy] of a current competitor’s product just seems downright rude.”

Synth Anatomy added: “It’s Behringer who blindly copied the entire design and functionalities of the Arturia Keystep without respect for the original designers.”

Back in September, Behringer announced the Bigfoot microphone, a USB condenser with a very similar spec sheet and name to the world’s number-one USB microphone, Blue Microphones’ Yeti.

However, criticism has been mostly subdued on Behringer’s copycat products taking after out-of-production vintage gear. On Friday (20 November) the brand opened pre-orders for its MonoPoly, a $699 take on the revered Korg Mono/Poly.

The Behringer Swing lists at $99. Learn more at 

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