Audient launches into the new year with MKII iD interfaces, EVO recording bundle

Audient is kicking off the new year with the launch of two new iD interfaces, along with a special EVO recording bundle aimed at beginners.

iD4 and iD14 MkII

The step up to MkII introduces some major improvements to both the 2-in/2-out iD4 and the 10-in/4-out iD14.

Both interfaces can now be bus-powered, the former via USB 3.0 and the latter, through USB-C. They also boast an improved dynamic range of 120dB for analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion; Audient touts this as a “huge step up” for audio performance.

Meanwhile, both interfaces now sport new dual headphone outputs, as well as an attractive gun-metal grey finish. Also new to the iD14, is an additional set of line outputs on the back panel, for a total of six physical outputs.

The iD4 offers a single Audient mic preamp, while the iD14 offers two. There are also JFET-powered DI inputs on both.

EVO Start Recording Bundle

Audient Evo Start Recording Bundle
Image: Audient

Audient, through its sub-brand EVO, has also launched the Start Recording bundle, aimed at beginners. It packs the EVO 4 interface, an SR1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, a pair of SR2000 monitor headphones and a shock-mount.

Pricing And Availability

The iD4 MkII and iD14 MkII list for £138/$199 and £199.99/$299 respectively. Meanwhile, the EVO Start Recording Bundle goes for £199/$249.

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